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Methodist University Sex Tape – The New Twist

By on March 28, 2010

What’s good in the cribs, hostels and on them campuses? Swear am still smoking on memories of the hottest Video on youtube last academic year.

Not Prez. Atta-Mills’ “ecominie” or Sarkodie’s “baby” even 4×4’s “world trade centre” had this many hits on youtube but the “Methodist University Sex Tape”? it was a hit “meeeeeen”

Urban233 can confirm it’s the only video from Ghana to have broken the 3000 hits barrier; it had 17,247 hits, and now how is this in values of money to the account holder?

Y’all can’t remember? Well was this Gigolo of a final year Methodist University student who “boned” a sophomore female student of same institution and taped it.

It feels more like a parting gift or footprints he left the school with, initially releasing a limited edition by Bluetooth on campus and thence the public release on youtube.

After the mass, free and international publicity given the Methodist University, the school’s administration slaps a three year hold on the release of the final certificate of our Gigolo and a year’s rustication for our lady. This line of action was taken because according to urban233’s source the lewd act on tape was done in the School’s official hostel.

Now this is where it gets interesting with a mischievous twist, urban233 has pounced on a plan to release to Mr. Gigolo his certificates before the due date for his ban.

Rumours and unconfirmed though, urban233 will sure bring you the complete melt-down as it flows.

Log on to for continuous up-dates on the infamous Methodist University Sex Tape.

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  1. Kofi says:

    Hmmm, wats universities in Ghana becoming nowadays. Its indeed awful

  2. keys says:

    what da fuck?

  3. kofi mensah says:

    Where can i download this tape please!

  4. Ayanda says:

    What does one have to do ,to be one of the housemates of BBA?

  5. nana akua says:

    sooooo dirty………….yawa a missionary school